Dusty Strickland

Dusty Strickland is an award-winning educator in the Georgia school system. Following his service in the United States Marine Corps, Strickland began his career in education as a 5th grade Science and Social Studies teacher. After serving in that role for five years, he then moved to Murray High school, as a Reading Interventionist. Following this Strickland later became an Instructional Coach in which he develops and delivers professional development for teachers, observes classrooms, models and co-teaches lessons, and assists struggling teachers by giving them the tools and strategies necessary to succeed. Throughout his career, Dusty has worked in Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Alternative Education settings.
In addition to this Dusty earned his Master of Arts in Discipleship Ministries and also works as an Educational Coordinator for Retouch, a non-profit, faith-based organization that is bringing education and the gospel to children on the coast of Kenya. In this capacity, he routinely travels to Kenya to oversees teacher training, school planning, professional development, and modeling and co-teaching lessons.
Notable Achievements:
Recognized as a Georgia Master Teacher
Keynote speaker at National Circle of Learning