Our Alumni

Accredited Ministry Development of the Church of God of Prophecy is proud of the many students who have completed their degree programs with our partnering institutions and are now pastors, ministry leaders, church planters, Christian educators, and those serving the Church in a variety of ways. They are united by a common desire to declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their communities and serve with excellence, anointing, and impact. Congratulations to all of our alumni!

Class of 2013

Beckford, Franklyn
Brantley‎, Robert L
Brooks‎, Jimmy L.
Campbell, Hyacinth
Ferguson, Franklin
Ferguson, Rovena
Gonzalez, Mary
Headlam, Junior
Leith, Winston
Martin, Clayton
Martin, Sonia
Nava, Aurora
Osborn‎, Esther F.
Raiborn, Joe
Stone‎, Syble F.
Swann, Ghaly
Thompson, Woodley C.
Wharton‎, Compton D.
Yanez, Isabel
Yanez, Jesse

Class of 2014

Husbands, Andrew
Husbands, Loretta
Leith, Heidi
Solis, David

Class of 2015

Allen, Lascelles B.
Beneby, Shelton
Camina, Rainier
Cornwall, Derrick
Dean, Delores
Douglas, Frank
Drackett, Albertha
Goins, Greg
Greenaway, Michael
Hans, Reuben
Hines-Scaffe, Lasmine
Howden, Victolyn R.
Hutchinson, William
Jones, Maurice
Jones, Robert P.
Knoblich, Don
Lord, Leonard
Manning, George Fritz
Smith, Franklin G.
Soares, Aldin L.
Thompson, Andre R.
Thompson, George
Williams, Doreen E.

Class of 2016

Allen, Thelma
Brown-Myrie, Eugenie
Cabrera, Ledy
Cedeno G., Sergio
Contreras, Ana Luisa
Daly, Rudolph
Doroshuk, V. Walter
Feliz, Benjamin
Feraria, Paulette Joyce
Harvey, Vinent Agustus
Jimenez, Jacqueline
Knowles-Thompson, Ghandi
Martin, Owen Z.
McFarlane, Yvonne
McKay, Beverly
Melo C., Juan
Morales Pena, Juan Jose
Osborn, Katherine
Parada, Mirna
Perez, Froilan
Perez, Joel
Perkins, Lorraine A.
Pratt, Wallace
Purboo, Junior
Quarrie, Lloyd
Robinson, Damian
Sutton, Brian
Taylor, Hudston
Vidal, Gabriel

Class of 2017

Aldana Perez, Benjamin A.
Alvino Vargas, Rafael
Ascate M., Vicente Santiago
Bethell, Cecil
Cartwright, Dorlan
Doroshuk, Claudia
Fernandes F., Hernandes
Garcia A., Sergio Ever
Gud, Vyacheslav P.
Gutierrez-Marquez, Celso
Hutchinson, Barry
Johnson, Lance
Lopez Paz, Francisco A.
Mercado Malca, Caleb
Orozco, David E.
Paton Osco, H. Javier
Rogers-Beneby, Renee S.
Salinas A., Yerson Henrry
Semenyuk, Valentin A.
Toussaint, Andonio M.