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Brian Sutton, Executive Director, Leadership Development and Discipleship Ministries
Brian Sutton, Executive Director, Leadership Development and Discipleship Ministries

As I’ve prayed about how we can respond to what God is doing in our movement, and in the earth, I believe that God has brought a specific goal to my mind.

Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” My prayer, and our goal in Leadership Development and Discipleship Ministries is to partner with God in raising 10,000 leaders by 2020 for the next million-soul harvest.

I believe the future contribution of the Church of God of Prophecy to the Kingdom of God will be proportionate to our ability to equip our leaders to become all that God is calling them to become.

The focus of the accredited ministries of our body is to develop men and women into becoming all that God has for them to be. Because of this need to develop leaders we have partnered with a number of leading institutions to provide the very best academic preparation for those who wish to pursue accredited programs and degrees.

We invite you to ask yourself, “Where is God leading me?” As you review this site and consider the academic training options available to you, please complete the CONTACT US form so that we may connect and serve you!


Contact us for more information or apply to our partner institutions by clicking Apply.

Complete the application process, providing required letter of recommendations, transcripts, financial aid and scholarship forms, and ministerial evaluations (if required).

An advisor from AMD or our partnering institutions will contact you to enroll you in your first courses and assist you in securing your course materials.


  • My PTS experience was the most formative time of my life both mentally and spiritually. They didn’t tell me what to think; they taught me how to think, and every life lesson was couched in God’s Word, God’s presence, and God’s power. The experience of attending the Pentecostal Theological Seminary is priceless.

    Darren Schalk
    Darren Schalk
    Master of Arts in Church Ministry, 2009
  • My journey at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary has been the fulfillment of a dream and longing in my soul. God’s leading and timing so perfectly directed me to the care and covering of this school of ministry. I have felt welcomed, loved, and esteemed among the students and the faculty. I have experienced kindness and encouragement in every learning opportunity. This season has provided me a fresh glimpse into the creative ways in which God uses people.

    Cathy Payne
    Cathy Payne
    Master of Divinity, 2013
  • At the Pentecostal Theological Seminary I found the perfect balance of Spirit and Word instruction. It was a blessing to study where our Wesleyan-Holiness tradition is honored, and Holy Spirit empowerment is emphasized. I am proud to be an alumnus PTS!

    Brian Sutton
    Brian Sutton
    Master of Arts in Church Ministries, 2014