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Volume 1 | January 2018
News, stories, and updates from the educational initiatives of the
Church of God of Prophecy Accredited Ministry Development.
Why Theological Education?
by Shaun McKinley, Director of Accredited Ministry Development
We often tell our children that education is important. Statistics confirm that those with a college degree will typically earn more money over their lifetime, advance more rapidly through the ranks of their profession, and enjoy greater job security.

As a fourth-generation minister in the Church of God of Prophecy, I understand none of these are necessarily true when encouraging our leaders to pursue theological education. A degree will not necessarily lead to an increase in salary, career advancement, or job security. So why would one pursue theological education?

AMD Expands to Midwest Rocky Mountain Region, Offering English and Spanish Certificate Courses
AMD's Certificate in Wesleyan-Pentecostal Ministry program will expand to the Midwest Rocky Mountain Region (Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska) in Spring 2018!

Through the program, select courses will be offered online in English and Spanish and will include supplemental on-site intensives within each state of the region. Students enrolled in the region’s program will also have access and opportunity to participate in additional courses offered online through AMD, outside of their regional courses.

Sharing in the Word, Sharing in the Reward
by Charles Shepherd, AMD Scholarship Recipient
"I have completed two semesters of the Masters of Arts in Church Ministries program through the joint program with Accredited Ministry Development and the Pentecostal Theological Seminary.

Through this program, I have been challenged and have grown in both my knowledge of God and the Scripture, as well as knowing my Creator. The Word of God continues to come alive through these studies and their effect has been seen in my duties at the Rockwood Church of God of Prophecy where I pastor.

I wish to take a moment to thank you for your generous sponsorship of the Church Matching Scholarship. Your kind gift has enabled me to pursue this degree and to grow in so many ways. 

What you have given has not only been to me but also to those who are touched by the ministry God has placed me in as well. You share with me in the work that is being done here as well as the reward."

Thank you,
Charles Shepherd
Charles Shepherd is pastor of the Rockwood Church of God of Prophecy in Rockwood, Tennessee. Charles was recipient of a 2017-2018 Church Matching Scholarship.

For more information about the scholarships offered through AMD, please visit www.cogopamd.org/scholarships.

Scholarships are only made possible through the giving of our donors and local churches. To contribute to one of our scholarship funds, please click here.
Announcing Cross-Cultural Ministry Scholarship
The World Language Department of the Church of God of Prophecy International Offices is partnering with the Church’s educational division, Accredited Ministry Development, to offer a scholarship in the coming 2018-2019 academic year. The Cross-Cultural Ministry Scholarship will be awarded to a student enrolled in AMD’s Certificate/Diploma in Wesleyan-Pentecostal Ministry program who serves as a pastor or church leader engaged in multi-cultural ministries.

Introduction to Preaching Course Meets in Alabama Campground
Recently, 15 students gathered at the Camp Booth campground near Birmingham, Alabama for the course, Introduction to Preaching, being offered through AMD's collaboration with the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (GCTS). The course was taught by Dr. Elias Rodriguez of the Church of God of Prophecy's Center for Biblical Leadership. 

"Dr. Rodriguez has a desire to help us be better prepared, skillful in the tools available, and broad in our thinking in the exegetical work for sermon preparation," said student Donna Howard. "This class encouraged us in the need to tell the greatest story ever told with all that God has made available to us."

The GCTS partnership with the Church of God of Prophecy first began in 2006. Since that time, over 1,000 students have taken courses through the program and more than 100 have earned a graduate level degree from the Seminary. 

"The GCTS experience is an enjoyable and strengthening journey with fellow students and excellent professors who are interested in making a difference in your life through each class," continued Howard. "This experience has been priceless in our lives. We are excited to see our classmates, experience the class, and challenged to ministerial excellence."
AMD Launches First International Certificate Cohort in Chile
A pioneering event was held in November as more than 50 students and 10 national overseers attended a meeting of the first international diploma cohort being offered by the Church of God of Prophecy’s Accredited Ministry Development in collaboration with the Center for Latino Studies (CLS) at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary (PTS).

The inaugural cohort met November 9-12, 2017 at the Church of God of Prophecy’s national complex in Santiago, Chile. Students participated in two courses, Roots of Pentecostal Spirituality taught by Dr. Wilfredo Estrada-Adorno, former director of the Center for Latino Studies, and Applied Theology, Research, and Writing taught by Dr. Wilmer Estrada-Carrasquillo, acting director of the Center.

AMD Welcomes Dr. Michael Plumley
AMD recently welcomed Dr. Michael Plumley to its staff. He will serve in a new role to advise and coordinate program accreditation, development, and assessment.

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Larry Lowry
Dr. Larry A. Lowry answered his call to preach in 1976 in Brisbane, Australia, while on a youth mission trip. Since ministering in his home state of Tennessee, he has served in numerous state capacities for the Church of God of Prophecy in Wisconsin, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia, as well as the International Finance & Stewardship Committee. God has also allowed him to minister in Canada and the islands of Antigua and Montserrat. He has pastored in Maine, Arkansas, Florida, and Georgia for more than 30 years. Currently, Dr. Lowry is pastor of the Douglasville, Georgia church, district overseer, and serves on the Georgia Ministerial Board.

His background runs deep in our educational partnerships with both the Pentecostal Theological Seminary and Lee University, as he is a graduate of both schools. Dr. Lowry has the privilege of being the first member of the Church of God of Prophecy to graduate from PTS in 1977. Additionally, he has been active in teaching for Lee University since 2009.

Dr. Lowry also is an instructor for the University of Phoenix and has taught for them since 1998.

Family is a priority to Dr. Lowry. He has been married to Susan Mounce Lowry for 38 years. They have one son, Justin, and his wife, Charlotte.

“The Church of God of Prophecy is my heritage, and I am honored to be a part of the educational ministry of AMD.”

Dr. Lowry is teaching AMD's first synchronous course this Spring. The course, Discipleship and Christian Formation in the Local Church, is offered online but meets live each week for interaction with the instructor and fellow classmates.
Upcoming Courses
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Misión Mundial de la Iglesia
February 12-15, Dominican Republic

Church Administration
February 15-18, United Kingdom

Introducción a la Ética
February 16, 18-23, Dominican Republic

Church Administration
February 19-24, Nassau, Bahamas

New Testament Survey
February 22-25, Englewood, New Jersey

Historia de la Iglesia hasta la Reforma
February 26-March 2, Lima, Peru

Introduccion a la Consejeria Pastoral
March 3-8, Lima, Peru

March 8-11, Birmingham, Alabama

Church Administration
April 5-8, Calgary, Canada

Fundamentos del Liderazgo
April 16-20, Mazatian, Mexico
Pentecostal Theological Seminary
Discipleship & Christian Formation in the Local Church
January 15-April 27, Online

Ministry Formation I
January 15-March 9, Online

Research and Writing for Theological Studies
January 15-March 9, Online

Pentecostal Explorations in the OT
January 29-April 27, Online

Community of Faith/Ministry Development
January 29-April 27, Online

INTENSIVE: Research and Writing for Theological Studies*
February 10, Elizabethtown, KY

Pentecostal Worship and Liturgy
March 19-11, Online

Pentecostal Worship and Liturgy
March 19-11, Online

Liturgia Y Espiritualidad Pentecostal
March 19-11, Online

*Intensives are supplemental non-credit courses offered for existing credit courses. 
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