AMD provides generous scholarships made available after enrollment in programs offered by our educational partners. All COGOP members in good standing are eligible for these scholarships. Scholarships are not available for enrollment in programs apart from our educational partners. Students applying for scholarships must complete an AMD Scholarship Application Form. The application period for scholarships is February 1st through May 1st each year. Scholarship recipients will have funds applied towards the next fall and spring semesters.

Students are encouraged to contact the AMD Office to verify that all financial aid documentation has been received by emailing Scholarships are applied toward tuition costs only. All fees (registration, technology, application and other related fees) are the student’s responsibility.


In addition to scholarships provided to all COGOP members, the following scholarships are made available to students who are in need of additional support to enroll in AMD programs. Students are typically awarded only one scholarship per year. Total scholarship amount will vary pending funds available. 

Adrian L. Varlack All Nations Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to a student who is currently involved in and desires to serve as a pastor, missionary, or church planter. The applicant is required to be a member of the Church of God of Prophecy who desires to prepare for full-time Christian ministry. The applicant must also hold ministerial credentials with the Church of God of Prophecy, be in the process of securing such credentials, or commit to begin the process during that term. Recipient will receive a scholarship in the amount of $200 per 3-credit hour course if enrolled in a Masters program. If enrolled in Spirit & Life Seminary, student will receive $100 per course.

Elva Howard Women in Leadership Scholarship: This academic scholarship will be awarded to a female student who is enrolled in one of AMD’s academic programs and is fully engaged in ministry outside of the United States serving as a pastor, evangelist, or local/regional church leader. Recipient will receive a scholarship in the amount of $200 per 3-credit hour course if enrolled in a Masters program. If enrolled in Spirit & Life Seminary, student will receive $100 per course.

Emerging Leaders Scholarship: Any new student will be eligible who has applied and has been accepted into Spirit & Life Seminary (SLS). Students must be licensed COGOP ministers or in process of completing the requirements for ministerial licensure. The student’s overseer and/or pastor will be asked to submit a letter of recommendation on the student’s behalf. Students who apply for the Emerging Leaders Scholarship must submit a 1-2 page letter sharing his/her story, current ministry involvement, reasons for applying to SLS, and future ministry goals. The scholarship will cover all tuition expenses for one year of studies (five sessions), but the student will be expected to pay fees. (Only for SLS students)

John Newson Pastoral Scholarship: This scholarship will be awarded to any student enrolled with one of AMD’s academic programs who is currently serving as a pastor or is seeking training in preparation to be a pastor within the global Church of God of Prophecy. A recommendation and two-page written biography will be requested to verify participation in a local/regional ministry. Recipient will receive a scholarship in the amount of $200 per 3-credit hour course if enrolled in a Masters program. If enrolled in Spirit & Life Seminary, student will receive $100 per course.

  1. Students must have been accepted or enrolled into one of the programs offered by our partnering institutions.
  2. Scholarships and grants are applied towards courses taken by the student within the year awarded.
  3. Students must reapply for scholarships each year.
  4. Students must complete the entire application for consideration. Scholarships and grants are awarded based on select criteria which may include participation in local church ministry, leadership potential, previous academic performance, or financial need.
  5. AMD scholarships and grants are only awarded to Church of God of Prophecy ministers and members in good standing.
  6. Scholarships are awarded by a committee of AMD administrators.
  7. The application period is February 1 – May 1 every year. Scholarships are applied towards the subsequent academic year.


Make a lasting impact on the life and ministry of a Church of God of Prophecy minister by investing in an AMD Scholarship Fund! AMD Scholarship Funds provide contributors with a unique opportunity to:

  • Memorialize or honor a loved one with a scholarship in that person’s name.
  • Provide financial aid to students in a particular field, such as pastoral ministry, counseling, youth or children’s ministry.
  • Assist students with financial or personal hardships.
  • Honor students who have made a significant impact in their local church or community.
  • Bless specific types of students based on personal characteristics, ethnic or cultural background, gender, or geographic origin.

If you would like to establish or contribute towards a scholarship fund please go to and select Accredited Ministry Development, or contact us via email at or call (423) 559-5508. Your gift, of any amount, is appreciated and 100% will go towards the scholarship you designate.