Certificate Chile Graduates

Certificate Chile Graduates

2020 has been a difficult year for most people. However, even in the midst of uncertainty, God was and is still faithful to his church. Accredited Ministry Development shared in the summer of 2020 that 28 students from Chile graduated from the PTS Certificate program. AMD would like to share some of these student’s stories with you:



I am from Peru. I serve in the area of Iquique, Chile as a local pastor of the Church of God of Prophecy in Alto Hospicio. I have long wanted to receive an education in Theology to get a better understanding of the Bible. I had been constantly praying toward this goal; trusting that God is faithful. I was presented with the opportunity to be a part of this group of students, which was a significant experience in my life and has greatly helped me in my personal life and leadership, especially with the tools provided by instructors who shared their vast knowledge during their years of dedicated work. I can say that these studies have had a marked impact in life, so much so, that there is a before my studies period and an after my studies period. I can definitely affirm that the journey I began with the PTS/AMD Certificate program has awakened an interest to continue my studies. Not only was my understanding of Theology deepened, but also my understanding of how the Holy Spirit is ministering to my life, forming my character to that of Christ, which leads us to care for others.

I thank God for this educational formation opportunity designed to make us excellent leaders and better laborers in God’s work.

God bless you.

Sara Inés Toledo García

Ministry position: My husband and I pastor the Church of God of Prophecy in Nogales. I am wife to the overseer of the northern region of the country (Santiago, Chile); and wife to the national overseer of Colombia (has not yet served).

Personal note: First off, this seminary has produced significant spiritual and personal growth in me. It has allowed me to grow as a person, it has expanded my understanding of Scriptures and my view of those around me, allowing me to see them as God wishes me to see them.

Without a doubt, having studied in this program has produced many benefits and personal challenges; it has brought renewed clarity to my heart concerning God’s calling in my life. I feel that now, more than ever, I need to be more equipped to carry out my ministry.


Manuel Toledo García

Member of the Church of God of Prophecy in Patronato

Has served as an evangelist, pastor, national leader, among other national ministry positions.

Regarding the certificate program, he said: “This program has been a great challenge for me personally. However, it has been a wonderful help in my ministry, adding to my experience.”

Pastor Jessé Hernández R.

Currently, I am the pastor of a Church of God of Prophecy in the city of Santiago.

I sought to serve the Lord, felt the drive to study Theology, and the PTS/AMD program was my choice for studies.

I thank God for giving me and my family the privilege to serve.


Chile Graduates from the PTS Certificate Program:

  1. Salomon Acosta Roque
  2. Carlos Ariza
  3. Marcela Bastia Cuevas
  4. Marco Benavides Delgado
  5. Oscar Campos
  6. William Carranza Aguirre
  7. David Correa Fuentes
  8. Jorge Custodio Heredia
  9. Hazael Dorantes
  10. Elizabeth Duran Carrasco
  11. Cesar Fuentes Cortes
  12. Maria German de Ariza
  13. Jesse Hernandez Ramirez
  14. Luis Hidalgo Sanches
  15. Rosaura Lopez Cruz
  16. Evelina Maza Torrejon
  17. Sofia Melinao Curin
  18. Marco Morales Chiang
  19. Jose Pacheco Cuevas
  20. Jorge Pacheco Hueichan
  21. Marjorie Perez Ibarra
  22. Jhonny Raymundo Solorzano
  23. Saul Riquelme Jaque
  24. Marisol Tapia Molina
  25. Manuel Toledo Garcia
  26. Sara Toledo Garcia
  27. Fernando Toro Larenas
  28. Susan Valdivia Lavandero

Spirit and Life Seminary, a new COGOP institution, offers the Certificate in Ministry and Theological Studies. This program is a 66-credit Bachelor’s equivalency program available in English and Spanish that provides students with foundational knowledge and training for ministry leadership. Please visit spiritandlifeseminary.org for more information about the certificate program.