34 COGOP Students Participate in PTS 2020 Virtual Graduation

34 COGOP Students Participate in PTS 2020 Virtual Graduation

On Saturday, December 5, 2020, thirty-four Church of God of Prophecy students virtually participated in Pentecostal Theological Seminary’s 45th graduation exercise. This year’s PTS Commencement was broadcasted online from the Cross Memorial Chapel Studio on the PTS campus with the participation of students who attended live via video conferencing. Rev. Kathy Creasy, Executive Director of Leadership Development and Discipleship, and Dr. Michael Hernández, Director of Accredited Ministry Development were in attendance in person to view the live broadcast in support of our graduates.

Dr. Michael Hernández notes that it is significant that out of 167 graduates, 34 of them were COGOP students. “20% of the PTS graduating class were COGOP students. This makes it clear that Church of God of Prophecy leaders are making up a significant portion of those pursuing higher education at PTS. We celebrate their achievements and dedication to continual personal and spiritual development which builds up the body of Christ.”

The graduating class was made up of leaders who serve in diverse roles within the Church of God of Prophecy: ministers, pastors, and bishops. Graduates represented the following nations and states within the United States: Argentina, Chile, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Turks and Caicos, California, Illinois, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Bishop Sam Clements, the general presbyters, and the staff of Accredited Ministry Development and the International Offices congratulates the following graduates:

PTS Certificate

  • English Certificate:
    • Dorian Garland
  • Chile Cohort:
    • Salomon Acosta Roque
    • Carlos Ariza
    • Marcela Bastia Cuevas
    • Marco Benavides Delgado
    • William Carranza Aguirre
    • David Correa Fuentes
    • Jorge Custodio Heredia
    • Hazael Dorantes
    • Elizabeth Duran Carrasco
    • Cesar Fuentes Cortes
    • Maria German de Ariza
    • Jesse Hernandez Ramirez
    • Luis Hidalgo Sanches
    • Rosaura Lopez Cruz
    • Evelina Maza Torrejon
    • Sofia Melinao Curin
    • Marco Morales Chiang
    • Jose Pacheco Cuevas
    • Jorge Pacheco Hueichan
    • Marjorie Perez Ibarra
    • Jhonny Raymundo Solorzano
    • Saul Riquelme Jaque
    • Marisol Tapia Molina
    • Manuel Toledo Garcia
    • Sara Toledo Garcia
    • Fernando Toro Larenas

PTS Masters

  • Master of Divinity
    • Brian Graves
  • Master of Arts in Church Ministries
    • Mario Pizarro Jr.
  • Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
    • Daniel Gann
    • Milton Gordon
  • Master of Arts in Counseling
    • Jeremiah Barker
    • De-Ana Loretta Samuel
    • Christopher Weathers